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Talent Contest

Posted by cuorange on July 9, 2009

Each year we take a hard, cold look at the two deep talent level of ACC teams and a select few other national teams to gauge the relative talent level of Clemson in the ACC and how that translates on a national scale.

Clemson has the third most talent in the ACC. A lot of Clemson fans don’t want to hear that, but the star ratings bear that out. Add that to an inexperienced head coach who has never been a coordinator and I have some concerns going into the season.

Team Offense Average Defense Average Overall Average
Southern Cal 4.45 4.00 4.23
Florida 4.18 4.08 4.14
Texas 3.91 4.14 4.02
LSU 3.77 3.64 3.70
Oklahoma 3.55 3.73 3.64
Miami, FL 3.45 3.59 3.52
Florida State 3.27 3.59 3.43
South Carolina 3.09 3.59 3.34
Clemson 3.25 3.27 3.26
North Carolina 2.96 3.41 3.17
Virginia Tech 3.05 2.68 2.86
Georgia Tech 2.55 2.91 2.73
Maryland 2.50 2.86 2.68
Duke 2.82 2.45 2.64
Boston Col 2.64 2.59 2.61
N. Carolina St. 2.73 2.41 2.57
Virginia 2.41 2.73 2.57
Wake Forest 2.41 2.09 2.25
TCU 2.05 2.18 2.11

The good news is that the Florida State game is in Clemson this year, and Miami is one team who may have underachieved more than Clemson over the last several years.

On the other hand, Spurrier is improving the talent level in Columbia and Clemson does travel for that game this year.

The most intriguing game on the schedule is TCU. The Tigers have far and away the better talent and are playing at home. TCU is well coached and has held their own against the Big 12 over the last few years. Clemson should win this game. No Bowden, no excuses.

This chart also gives you a decent gauge on how coaches are performing. When you see Virginia Tech and Boston College in the title game two years in a row with middle of the conference talent that says something. Same could be said for Paul Johnson’s first year at Georgia Tech, though they didn’t make the title game.

On a national scale you can see just how far behind the ACC is. Even Miami, the gold standard of the league as far as recruits go, is far behind Southern Cal, Florida, Texas and Oklahoma.

I cringe when I hear someone say Clemson has “as much talent as anyone”. It’s simply not true. Not in the ACC and certainly not on a national level.


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