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Sunday Reflections

Posted by cuorange on September 6, 2009

Kyle Parker

Kyle Parker

After a little while to digest what occurred last night, here are some more rational thoughts:

Kyle Parker has a chance to be a really good college quarterback.  His stats don’t show it, but the three (or 4) drops tell part of the story.  Another part was Parker’s ability to scramble for a first down (twice, once on third and 15).  Sure, it was Middle Tennessee, but the ability is there. 

4 for 14 on third downs.  Different year, same story.  I’ll break down the specific plays later, but that number is not good.

Spiller only had 4 carries.  It’s obvious Dabo was holding a lot back for Thursday, including Spiller on the ground and as a receiver.

Ellington and J. Harper looked good in the backfield.  Rendrick?  Not so much.

One pass to the TE (incomplete). Of course this could be one of the secrets that are being held until Thursday.  Was Diehl lined up as a TE on his reception?

5 FG attempts is too many against the likes of MTSU.  That says you can’t move the ball in the red zone.

The WRs were a question mark coming in and they remain that way.  Rationalize the drops any way you want, but those balls need to be caught.

The defense looked solid.  Brandon Maye looked very solid.

Nothing has changed on my feelings re: Richard Jackson.  50/50 at best.  Love the guy.  Pulling for him.  Just cringe when it is FG time.  Yes, the two he missed were 45 and 48 yards, but I just don’t have the confidence at this point.

The OL is pretty much the same.  Take away the 14 special team points and you have 23 points against a Sun Belt Conference team.  Sobering.

What has happened to Willy Korn?


2 Responses to “Sunday Reflections”

  1. ioptiger said

    M, Maye looked like a beast! Our next Hill or Adams..23 points against a SBCT. Sobering. I would think that CDS would have played the #1’s more if the score was tighter and play calling may have different. O is a work in progress. Parker is a player.

  2. cuorange said

    I agree with everything you said IOP. I guess my point about the offense is they havent done anything yet, so it’s hard to get excited at this point.

    I actually love the fact that Ellington got 9 carries. Agree with you that we are in good shape at the QB and RB position for the next few years!

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