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Week 2 Pick ‘Em

Posted by cuorange on September 10, 2009

Last week we collectively did about as well as Maryland vs. Cal. We are determined to step it up in week 2 and here is what we got:

Contestant Won Loss Push Pct GB
A. Eargle 6 4 0 60.00
AccuScore 5 5 0 50.00 1
B. Rink 3 7 0 30.00 3
CUOrange 3 7 0 30.00 3
Texas D 3 7 0 30.00 3


Game Spread AccuScore Predicted Score Actual Score AccuScore CUOrange Texas D B. Rink A. Eargle
Clemson @ Georgia Tech Clemson +4.5 24-22 GT 30-27 Tech Clemson Clemson Tech Tech Clemson
UNC @ Connecticut UConn +4.5 24-23 UNC 12-10 UNC UConn UNC UNC UNC UNC
Stanford @ Wake Forest Stanford +2.5 24-24 24-17 Wake Stanford Wake Wake Wake Stanford
Fresno State @ Wisconsin Fresno +8.5 36-25 Wisc 34-31 Wisc Wisconsin Wisconsin Fresno Wisconsin Fresno
East Carolina @ W. Virginia ECU +6 28-19 WVA 35-20 WVA WVA WVA WVA WVA ECU
Notre Dame @ Michigan UM +3.5 26-25 ND 38-34 UM UM ND ND ND ND
TCU @ Virginia UVA +11 26-12 TCU 30-14 TCU TCU TCU UVA TCU TCU
UCLA @ Tennessee UCLA +7.5 29-17 Tenn 19-15 UCLA Tenn Tenn Tenn Tenn UCLA
South Carolina @ Georgia SC +7 24-14 UGA 41-37 UGA UGA SC UGA SC UGA
USC @ Ohio State OSU +7 27-17 USC 18-15 USC USC USC Ohio St USC USC

On the other hand, AccuScore didn’t hit it out of the park either so there is still a chance!


2 Responses to “Week 2 Pick ‘Em”

  1. B. Rink said

    The game was about 50/50 for good/bad play and flags–that holding call really tipped the scales didn’t it? Who knows if Clemson does anything with the field possession, but judging by momentum, gotta think they would have retaken lead to give ball back to GT. Great game, but hate when it is spoiled by refs.

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