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Week 6 Pick ‘Em

Posted by cuorange on October 6, 2009

Week 6 games, spreads, picks

Game Spread AccuScore Predicted Score Actual Score AccuScore CUOrange Texas D B. Rink A. Eargle
Alabama @ Misissippi  Ole Miss +6.5  24-21 Bama 22-3 Bama   Ole Miss Bama  Ole Miss   Ole Miss Bama 
Nebraska @ Missouri UM +3  29-29   27-12 UN  UM  UN  UN UN   UN
Boston College @ Virginia Tech BC +13   28-19 Va. Tech 48-14 Va. Tech  BC   Va. Tech  BC  BC  BC
Wisconsin @ Ohio State UW +14   28-15 OSU  31-13 OSU  UW  OSU  UW  OSU  UW
Georgia Tech @ Florida State  Ga. Tech +3  30-29 Ga. Tech 49-44 Ga. Tech  Ga. Tech   Ga. Tech Ga. Tech   Ga. Tech FSU 
Oregon @ UCLA UCLA +6.5   23-21 OU 24-10 OU   UCLA  OU  UCLA  OU  OU
Kentucky @ South Carolina  UK +10.5  27-15 SC  28-26 SC  SC UK  UK UK  UK
Florida @ LSU  LSU +8.5 30-19 UF   13-3 UF UF   UF  LSU  LSU  UF
Michigan @ Iowa  UM +7.5  27-17 Iowa  30-28 Iowa  Iowa  UM Iowa  Iowa  UM 
Georgia @ Tennessee UGA +1   23-20 UT  45-19 UT  UT  UT UGA  UGA  UT 

2 Responses to “Week 6 Pick ‘Em”

  1. aeargle said


  2. B. Rink said

    Ole Miss +6.5
    Nebraska -3
    BC +13
    Ohio State -14
    Georgia Tech +3
    Oregon -6.5
    Kentucky +10.5
    LSU +8.5
    Iowa -7.5
    UGA +1

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