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Archive for the ‘Clemson Basketball’ Category

The Case for Clemson

Posted by cuorange on February 17, 2010

There is considerable angst these days among Clemson fans on whether or not the Tigers will be a part of March Madness.

At first glance there doesn’t appear to be much to worry about. The Tigers are 18-7 overall, 6-5 in the ACC, an RPI of 30, strength of schedule of 34th and have a winning record against top 25 teams (5-4). Furthermore the Tigers are 7-3 against teams ranked 1-50 in RPI and 5-2 against teams ranked 51-100 in RPI. All solid numbers that would seem to indicate there is little to worry about come selection Sunday.

However, there is a little nagging suspicion that the Tigers reputation (late season troubles, losing twice in a row in the first round of NCAA tourney) may come back to haunt.

With 5 games left in the regular season, Clemson has 3 road games (Maryland, Florida State, Wake Forest) along with home games against Virginia and Georgia Tech. For me the timing of the games is what may cause the Tigers a problem.

First, Clemson must beat a falling (2-5 in last 7 games) Virginia team at home. A loss here would be almost too much to overcome.

Next, are road trips to Maryland and Florida State (I think you now see why the Virginia game is so crucial). These are most likely two losses.

Then the Tigers final home game is with a tall, talented but struggling Georgia Tech team (lost 3 of last 4). Assuming losses in the two prior games, this becomes a crucial game for the Tigers, before they close the regular season at Wake Forest (probably a loss).

Assuming the Tigers hold court and win at home and lose on the road, they will end up 20-10 overall and 8-8 in the ACC. A first round win in the ACC Tournament would lock up a bid, but the Tigers probably get in even with a loss in the opening round (leaving them 20-11).

However, if the Tigers manage to go worse than 2-3 in their final five games I believe they will need to win at least 1 game in the ACC Tournament to advance to the Big Dance.

The selection committee is not going to choose a 19-12 Clemson team with 5 losses in their last 6 games (including ACC Tournament).

That loss to Illinois in December may haunt the Tigers yet.


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54 years of futility

Posted by cuorange on December 31, 2009

No, not the Clemson Tigers in Chapel Hill.  Here are some fast facts on Clemson Tiger free throw shooting over the last 54 years:

  • In the last 54 seasons Clemson has shot over 70% in free throws 12 times.
  • In those same 54 years opponents have shot over 70% in free throws 27 times.
  • In the last 35 years Clemson has shot over 70% in free throws 4 times.
  • In the last 54 years opponents have out shot Clemson in free throws in 43 years.
  • Twice Clemson has shot under 60% in free throws.
  • Opponents have never shot under 65.6% in 54 years.
  • Clemson has shot under 65.6% 15 times during that same time.
  • Currently 121 of 347 Division I teams average 70% in free throws or better. 
  • Clemson is currently ranked 311th of 347 teams in free throw shooting for this season.

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Tigers hold off S.C. State

Posted by cuorange on December 30, 2009

I haven’t written much about the basketball version of the Tigers (12-2) this year, because well, it was football season. And I am beginning to wonder if there is much to write about.

Sure it was a game sandwhiched between Christmas and Duke, but S.C. State had the ball and was down by 1 with as little as 20 seconds to go. You know, S.C. State that has lost to the likes of High Point.

The Tigers are shooting 62.6% from the free throw line and unfortunately the guy who goes there the most (Trevor Booker) is shooting 55.9% (38 for 68) from the line.

Not good, when you are looking at nothing but ACC games from here on out.

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PER per game

Posted by cuorange on December 18, 2009

John Hollinger developed Player Efficiency Rating (PER) as an attempt to combine all of a player’s contributions into one number.  Hollinger also developed a simpler formula called the Hollinger Game Score to quantify a player’s performance in a single game.
I’ve taken the Hollinger Game Score formula and tweaked it a bit to fit the college game (40 minutes vs. 48 in the NBA) and made it an average score of all games played in order to determine who is contributing the most (or least) for a team.
It’s no surprise that using my version of Hollinger’s formula shows Trevor Booker and Tanner Smith are the biggest contributors to the Tigers this year.  It is a little surprising to see Andre Young ranked third and Demontez Stitt 4th.  Turnovers play a big role here.  Young is averaging 1 turnover every 15.1 minutes played, while Stitt is at one turnover every 10.5 minutes.  What do you want your point guard to NOT do?  Turn the ball over.

Player PER/G
T. Booker  15.2 
Smith 11.4
Young  10.0 
Stitt  9.3 
Grant 8.9
Potter 8.3
Jennings 4.5
D. Booker  4.4
Johnson   4.0 
Narcisse   3.2 
Hill   2.1

That David Potter is so far down the list is also a little disappointing and could be something to keep an eye on going forward.  If teams are able to stop Trevor Booker the Tigers are going to need Potter to score or they have little chance.
Jerai Grant is quietly putting together a nice year, given his playing time, ranking ahead of Potter and equal to Devin Booker and Milton Jennings combined.
Noel Johnson and Bryan Narcisse have had their moments, but Donte Hill is an afterthought at his point though not much was expected of Hill offensively.
It should be noted that the PER and my incarnation of it here largely measures offensive performance and PER (and my version) is not an appropriate measure of a player’s defensive ability and does not take into account intangible elements such as drive, leadership, durability, conditioning, or hustle, because there is no real way to quantitatively measure these things, which are often based on opinion.

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Tigers blast Winthrop, 102-66

Posted by cuorange on November 24, 2009

Six Tigers scored in double figures led by Trevor Booker’s 15 points and 11 rebounds as Clemson moves to 4-0.

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Tiger hoops roll Presbyterian

Posted by cuorange on November 14, 2009

No surprises here as the Tigers cruised to a 84-41 victory.  Four Tigers hit double figures led by Tanner Smith’s 14 points.  The Tigers shot 46.7% from three-point land and 71.4% from the line.

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Clemson to face Texas A&M in 76 Classic

Posted by cuorange on August 7, 2009

A nice field for this tournament of 8, including Butler, Minnesota, Texas A&M, Clemson, UCLA, West Virginia, Long Beach State and Portland.

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Purnell lands 6’6 shooting gaurd

Posted by cuorange on June 20, 2009

Nice pick-up to minimize the loss of Oglesby (still shaking my head on that one). Makes the 2009 class one of 2 four star players, a 5 star, and Donte Hill (3 star, #25 SF). Nice work, Ollie.

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Purnell and Tigers agree to extension

Posted by cuorange on June 16, 2009

Sounds great, but what does it really mean these days? Coaches and colleges routinely “break” these extensions.

I hope (and believe) Purnell is different and would like to think Clemson is too. Call me naive.

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Oglesby to Europe?

Posted by cuorange on May 26, 2009

Rumors abound that TO is headed to Europe to play professionally, skipping his final two years of eligibility at Clemson.

Edit: Confirmed through “sources”, but has been not announced by the university yet.

ESPN Article

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