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Ever wonder who is behind that screen name that repeatedly hijacks your well thought out, serious thread with deep questions that, if answered seriously, could change the course of mankind? Ever wanted a word with the guy who has a man crush on Jim Harbaugh? Ever want to hug the guy who is still wondering about the star wide receiver from California? Here’s your chance.

The Founders of the Texas Division of cordially invite you to attend one of our upcoming events. In 2008 Cookie had an idea. What if we got together to meet, talk Clemson and eat Texas BBQ? It turned out better than anyone ever expected so we planned a second one for 2009. That one was even better and out of that was born the idea to have a watch party for the 2009 South Carolina game, while still planning a summer event for 2010.

Upcoming Bashes

Year Date Location # of Attendees
2009.5 (Clemson-SC Game Viewing Party) November 28 Casa ICM – Houston, Texas To Be Determined
2010 To Be Determined Please vote in poll top right To Be Determined

We have found that despite coming from different walks of life, age groups and backgrounds, one thing remains the same – we all love Clemson and Clemson athletics whether we graduated last month, last year or back in ’62. When we talk Clemson the political, socio-economic and personal differences disappear and the Clemson Tigers are first and foremost. You will laugh and smile and be amazed at the accomplishments of the people you meet as well as their wives and children (if applicable). You will walk away being prouder than ever of Clemson and the people that make up and immediately begin looking forward to the next event.

Clemson-S. Crapolina Viewing Party Announced Attendees

Screen Name Number in Party Distance to Travel Current Status
F16Cook 2 1053 miles All In
icmcumin 2 or more 8 feet All In
mcoleman4 1 179 miles All In
72Tiger 2 991 miles If possible

To that end, we are not only inviting Texas Tigers, but Tigers from all over to attend the two events listed above. If you are in or around Texas or will be visiting during either of these times, consider spending a few hours with other members of – you won’t be disappointed.

Like the NFL, we are looking to expand and are considering foreign locations (that would be outside of Texas) for our 2010 summer event. Take a moment to vote (or write in a location) in our poll on the right hand side of the page  that will provide guidance to our executive council.

If you are interested and/or want additional information PM me, ICM or Cookie on, reply to the thread on or leave a comment on this page.

Past Bashes

Year Date Location # of Attendees
2008 June 7 Salt Lick – Driftwood, Texas 3
2009 July 5 Salt Lick – Driftwood, Texas 7

28 Responses to “ Bash Info”

  1. Eric (ClemsoninMD) said

    Like I said, if it is Memorial weekend count me in. I am a wimp and cannot stand TX heat in July, let alone the fact that the lake and everything water related would be nutsy!

    • cuorange said

      Eric – it was BRUTAL at the SL on Sunday…we had no luck and didnt get the room with AC like last year…

  2. cookie said

    dang…we have 5 votes…and i don’t think miss keelee has voted yet…

  3. cuorange said

    I haven’t voted either…still debating whether to write in Vegas….

  4. ICM said

    Only because I voted three times, LOL…..

  5. ICM said

    I guess me voting all those times qualifies me for joining ACORN and the Democratic party

  6. cookie said

    oh yea…if we push it early or late…pretty dang good skiing…i’ll ski behind a boat…but not down the side of a mountain…but i have been known to sit around a bar fire…

  7. ICM said

    Let me get this straight – CUTIGERS.COM Texas division has a get together in Park City? Did I get that right? I guess the question is – how much snow will they have at the end of November? If its more than a couple of feet, it doesn’t sound too bad…..

  8. cuorange said

    Wait a second, November is your place Jim…the poll is for the 2010 Bash, which has ALWAYS happened in the summer for our entire history of bashes. Both of them.

    • cookie said

      well…if someone can vote for orleans…i suppose a vote for park city ain’t too far off…i personally think it should be in TX period…i’m thinking of a write in vote for hondo…and a little mex-tex camping/hunting trip…or fishing down on the border…

      we won’t have many wimmins…might be time to teach liitle mole to camp and fish…prolly a little too early to shoot…i know some guides…


  9. cookie said

    voting is out of control…new vote for san antonio…takes the lead…


    • cuorange said

      Out of control? I thought you voted for SA? That wouldn’t be a bad trip for me and I owe you guys a road trip.

      • cookie said

        more of a joke about how we are racking up this massive vote total…i had already voted for SA…i still don’t think miss k has voted…

      • cuorange said

        yeah, I’ll link it back up in a few days on CUTigers..just to keep it alive and in their thoughts….

  10. cookie said

    sorry…posted in the wrong place…san antonio is looking strong…the bride and i don’t have a casa de ICM…but we could put up a few who might have budgetary constraints….cookie

    • cuorange said

      Depending on what part of SA could be a day trip for me…if I remember you guys are not that far away from Buda…

      • cookie said

        yes…just south of new brauenfels (sp obviously)…we could easily handle you and miss mole…even jr…we can arange (sp?) day/nite care for an afternoon/early evening type of deal…let’s just play it out…i can even get ya’ll VIP quarters at randolph afb…impressive i might add with the verandas and porch rockers…k and i will get a room next to ya’ll…so…just think about it for now…i’ll get jr a cockpit view of the jet he is going to have to fly…


      • cuorange said

        will definitely keep in mind…by then he would probably be thrilled to see a jet. Wife’s family still lives in SA and New Braunfels…so that may work out…

  11. cookie said

    check out the new visitor frature! even one from alaska…

  12. cookie said

    just checking to see if we are all still alive…i feel alive…


  13. Cookie said

    wow…orleans has taken the lead…we can’t have a TX bash in LA…


  14. ICM said

    Can we invite Lane Kiffin to stop by on his way out to the Left Coast? He’d be a great guest speaker….

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